Harvest Work Information

Mango Season: January

The Mango picking season is January in Childers and runs for 2-4 weeks.  It is hot work involving long hours 7 days a week during the season.  It is very weather dependant so storm delays are likely (you can't pick in the wet).  

Mango picking is done from the ground.  The fruit is very delicate and bruises easily so you have to be careful as well as quick.

The sap from the mango stem can cause an allergic reaction in some people - called Mango rash.  If you get mango rash you cannot continue working as the allergen builds up the more contact you have with it, causing inflammation and swelling.  This also means that you cannot eat mangoes during picking season as this increases the chance of getting mango rash!  People with pale skin or red hair are more susceptible to mango rash, so take that into consideration if you are looking to apply.  If you do get Mango Rash there may be a possibility of moving onto citrus picking if positions are available.

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Avocado Season: March-August

Plenty of Avocado picking  around Childers

2018 Avocado season in Childers usually runs from March to July.  We  take applications for the start of the season from Mid January, and throughout the season.  Preference is given to people with cars first as everyone ride shares to work.  There are limited places available and they usually fill up weeks in advance. Please fill in the Application form and call to see if there are places left.    

Picking avocados usually offers stable work 5 days a week, 7.00 - 3.30/4pm for the season.  This is weather and market dependant and can change at times. The cooler Autumn and Winter temperatures and long season make it a popular job to qualify for the Second Year Working Holiday Visa.    

Avocados are picked from the ground or a cherry picker; you need a drivers license to operate a cherry picker, and not be afraid of heights.   These farms pay an hourly rate so you  earn good money and jobs are highly sought after.     

We encourage you to use your own transport to get to work and car pool with others. That way there is no extra cost if you have a car, or you just contribute to petrol if you are getting a ride with someone.

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Citrus season: November to April

Lemon picking around Childers

Citrus (Lemon and mandarin) picking is available paying a good bin rate. Working 6-7 days a week and running November to April this is a good chance to get all your visa days.  Places become available throughout the season.   

As it is a bin rate, how much you earn depends on how much effort you put in.  Some people make more than the equivalent hourly rate. Hours are generally 10am - 5.30pm although may vary and as wilh all farm work is weather dependant.   

You are issued with a picking bag, gloves, a sizing ring and we require a $100 bond for this (credit card number or cash).  You need long sleeve Hi-vis shirts (minimum of 3), shorts or long pants, closed shoes, hat, and water bottles.  We are required to bus you to the farm and transport costs $5 per day you work.

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Physical requirements

Fruit picking is strenuous work involving working long hours,often in the heat, and doing repetitious tasks that can be physically demanding. This means sufficient physical fitness is an inherent requirement of working as a fruit picker. 

You need to be mentally prepared to be working outdoors, on your feet, in the Queensland heat. You will be briefed on safety and how to avoid heat stress.  It is important to drink lots of water, eat well and not be hungover or dehydrated for work.

Some jobs start work very early in the morning and are finished by lunchtime to avoid the hottest part of the day.  Other jobs start later depending on the crop and the farm schedule.

Small crops: year round

Blueberries grow around Childers

There are a variety of small crops grown in the region including sweet potatoes, zucchinis, rockmelons, watermelons, lychees, chillis, blueberries and tomatoes, for which picking comes up at various times.   

There is also farm and tree maintenance work outside of the main picking seasons including grafting, pruning, and planting.


How do I apply for a job?

To enquire about farm work and staying at Childers Ecolodge please fill in the Work Application Form  or emai info@childersecolodge.com.au ,  with the following information: 

  • Name/s
  • Phone/s
  • Current location & when you could arrive
  • How long you want to work for
  • Any farm work experience
  • If you have a drivers license
  • If you have your own transport and number of seats
  • How long you want to work here for

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Can I go on the waiting list?

If when you apply we do not have any jobs available we put you on the waiting list for 2 weeks.  If you are still looking 2 weeks after you send in your Work Enquiry Form, just send us another email every couple of weeks to stay on the waiting list.  Of course if you are waiting at the hostel you are first in line for jobs over those on the email waiting list. 

How much would I get paid?

r mwMost of our farms pay an hourly rate so you earn good money and jobs are highly sought after.  The current Horticultural Award rate is $23.86 per hour.  However, some jobs work on a different pay arrangement.

Some jobs pay by contract rate (by bucket, bin, or bunch).  You will be told what the rate is, and how much you are expected to pick to give you an idea of what an average worker will earn.

With contract rates the faster you work the more you pick and the more you earn. With hourly rate what you earn is set. In either situation, if you are not performing your work to the required standard, or if you don't have a good attitude or listen to instructions, you will not be required any longer.  We cannot place you at another job if this happens.

Will I get a payslip?

Payslips are provided and work qualifies for the second year Working Holiday Visa.  

What do I need before starting work?

  • You must have a valid 417 Working Holiday Visa or the right to work in Australia.
  • You must have an Australian bank account.
  • You must have (or have already applied for) an Australian Tax File Number.

What clothes and gear do I need?

You will be sent a description of the work and requirements when you are accepted for a job.  Different farms have different requirements:

CITRUS PICKING you will need

  • long sleeve hi-vis shirts
  • Shorts or long pants
  • Closed shoes - trainers or sneakers are fine (flip flops or sandals are not suitable)
  • A hat or cap
  • Sunscreen to put on in the morning
  • Water bottles –3-4 litres in summer
  • To take your own healthy lunch and snacks in your own cooler bag  
  • Minimum 3 sets of work clothes.